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sporting fiats club Saturday, July 20, 2024

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Welcome to the SFC Club Area

About Us

SFC is committed to enjoying Fiats and just about anything legal you can do in them - or with them

We have a broad range of members who are keen to have more fun in their Fiats and other related cars - and one of the reasons for this new site is to make contacting fellow Fiateers that much easier.

Our Constitution explains this in a bit more detail. It then goes on to say how the club works. We are always looking for folks to help organise. If you are interested in helping organise anything for the club, the sorts of roles are explained here.

Our club was formed in 1982 and called the Fiat Twin Cam Register. We've since changed the name to Sporting Fiats Club.

Registering on this site is free - and you have agreed to abide by our site rules when you registered. You can take another look at these rules here if you like. These make you a Net Member of the club.

If you are interested in joining SFC as a Full Member - a copy of the Join Form and optional Standing Order form are also provided.

And.... we're here to help you have more fun with your FIAT!